Segue are an electronic live act born out of the Australian club and rave circuit of the early 2000s. Originally intended as an occasional side project of members of the Australian mainstay acts of the time (Superfluid and Statler & Waldorf), Segue was carried into regular touring with a timely take on live electronic music with a throwback to the Acid House sensibilities of the 1990s.

A regular fixture of the rave and festival circuit for a decade, with just a few singles to make their steady performance schedule, the act went into hiatus as the team split across multiple countries and missions in academic and technology. A hiatus broken with the pandemic in 2020, bringing all members back to their home city Brisbane to dig through the archives, and uncover the "lost albums" recovered from studio storage, and begin a series of re-releases that continues into the current era.


Hello World

EP (2006)

Reset / Forever

SINGLE (2009)


SINGLE (2009)